Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Maidless Working Mom with Young Kids - Tried & Tested Tips

Being maidless since 2008, working, got pregnant again twice and now raising three kids, i've struggled, picked up myself again, learned from others, tried many advices given offline & online.
Thought, it's time to share them, and yes, for my reference in case.
Will update this post from time to time, to add on to the list.

1. Get an air fryer for nuggets, fries, frying chicken, fish or meat. A real time saver and convenient especially when i was still breastfeeding my third while also looking after, playing with the elder twos. Phew..
2. Use up all the vegetables by either making one large pot of soup and store them in batches into freezer or repack the uncooked vegetables into refrigerator (but not recommended for leafy greens)

1. Do this every other two days to avoid pile ups. Do laundry before bedtime & hang dry in the next morning.

Cleaning Bathroom
1. Break the task into many many easy & quick tasks and perform one task during each bath time. The bathroom will stay clean most the time.
2. If the house has many bathroom, limit to only one bathroom on each floor. So that you save yourself one or two bathroom to clean.

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