Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Maidless Working Mom with Young Kids - Tried & Tested Tips

Being maidless since 2008, working, got pregnant again twice and now raising three kids, i've struggled, picked up myself again, learned from others, tried many advices given offline & online.
Thought, it's time to share them, and yes, for my reference in case.
Will update this post from time to time, to add on to the list.

1. Get an air fryer for nuggets, fries, frying chicken, fish or meat. A real time saver and convenient especially when i was still breastfeeding my third while also looking after, playing with the elder twos. Phew..
2. Use up all the vegetables by either making one large pot of soup and store them in batches into freezer or repack the uncooked vegetables into refrigerator (but not recommended for leafy greens)

1. Do this every other two days to avoid pile ups. Do laundry before bedtime & hang dry in the next morning.

Cleaning Bathroom
1. Break the task into many many easy & quick tasks and perform one task during each bath time. The bathroom will stay clean most the time.
2. If the house has many bathroom, limit to only one bathroom on each floor. So that you save yourself one or two bathroom to clean.

We're Related!

How often does anybody got to know their relatives at work?

It happens to me more than once.

The first happened on my first day at work. This lady was telling me that we're related. I'm like surprised, malu pun ada, because I didn't notice her all this while during family meetings. Probably I've seen her and salam her but never take notice. She happens to be my mom's cousin's wife. Anyway, nowadays, in any family meetings, we're definitely close and only then also, I got to know better my uncle, my mom's cousin.

Then, there's a merger in my office. This lady from another unit, I got to know that her husband is my father's second cousin. So, she is considered as my aunty. So, we're related. And only then, I got to know my distance uncle and third cousins. :)

Then a couple of days back, I was chatting with another senior colleague. He was telling me that he will be going back to his wife's hometown for his sister in law's engagement. The place happens to be the same hometown of my father's. And the way he describe the area is so so close to my family hometown. Hmm... then , he mention his wife's grandfather's name which sounds familiar. I told him, I better check with my father, which I did. The person was actually my grandmother's cousin, which means that my colleague's mother in law is my father's second cousin and that makes my colleague's wife, my third cousin. :)

Not just that, remember the second colleague I mentioned earlier whose husband is my father's cousin? Well, my father told me that this uncle is also related by marriage to the wife of my colleague which I mentioned last.

Can't believe it that I'm getting to know my distance relatives in office and there's more than just one. :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Compassion in child

Am down with viral fever since last sunday.
A major one. Had a brief encounter last tuesday which cleared out by morning.
This time, the viral is stronger than what my body can handle.

Since the school closed due to haze, i let all three kids stayed with me at home, yesterday, though, i have the option to send my younger twos to daycare.

Woke up late around 11am and i saw Muiz prepared his own breakfast at the dining table. I was just nearby, resting at the sofa, observing the kids. What they'd do when mama is sleeping.

Miza, the three year old passed by the sofa, stopped at the sofa edge, and kissed my forehead.. Auw

At bedtime, Mazwin, the five year old helped me by bringing my clothes simce i've not changed since morning. 

I felt blessed. Alhamdulillah. May they continue to grow as a person with empathy.

It matters me a lot because most of the time, they would come to me for things like susu, milk, biscuits, colouring books.
This time, they knew, their mama needs rest.

Heart melts

2 years in hiatus; Hello!

Been busy, that's it.
And facebook, instagram has occupied most of my online time.

So, what had happened.

Well, am still an Investment Analyst in the same company.
Looking into performance of funds, i.e. at the tail end of investment process rather than prior post as credit analyst, providing credit view on bonds.
Just celebrated 10th year working anniversary with my Company, am proud to say, am Yellow at heart. That's right, Work life balance are in order, hence the 10 years relationship.

This year, me & hub celebrated our 10th year as life partners. Colourful years indeed. We've matured to some extent, and improving on some areas.

Our kids, the eldest, now 9, middle now 5 and youngest 3. Which means, Ayah & Mama are beginning to have more time with each other. Not much of those kids tailing moment. How's that? Just what we needed for our 10th year anniversary :) We are looking forward for that couple weekend together :)

I'll keep this short & simple first, so as not to let this post left in the draft.

More to blogging,, Hooray!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Neighbours' cats, i adore you, but i don't (then)

Yes i like your cuteness,
my kids fancy you too..
But, i don't have that nice warm feeling
when you pee at my shoe cabinet, the baby stroller and the trampoline which my son loves
(which now have been disposed as no amount of soap can remove the stain & smell,
yes, i was so upset of this,
but you're just animal..).
The small garden seems your favourite place to poo too..

To keep our relationship healthy and loving,
i found the way out of this 'adore but i don't'.
Which is to make my compound not conducive for cats littering  activities.

Here comes Serai Wangi spray...

2 months have past since Serai Wangi aroma lingers around my porch,
You no more pee or poo  here..

i'm relieved that i can now adore, fancy & like you!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Why maidless working mom makes a great worker..

Based on my now 3 years++ experience handling the house & kids minus the helper.
This is just me seeing the positive sides of the current moment *wink*
  1. She can work comfortably within tight schedule. (She get the houseworks done within the limited time she has at home.)
  2. She can make things happen. (At home, this is a daily goal - will do what ever it takes to get things done: house clean, food ready, pantry stock up, kids go to bed)
  3. She can withstand unreasonableness in people as long as it get things moving. (This skill is acquired as her baby turns to toddler years - tantrum, where every answers to mom's request is no no no!. And there's no way she can avoid such situation.)
  4. She tolerates better with diverse behaviours she encountered. Creative people management is her game.  (No two kids are the same. She deals with them on daily basis.)
  5. Efficiency is her goal. Since she values her time so much, she strives to get things right the first time.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

1 day, eventful day..

How delicious nasi lemak relates to my (still now) painful bled knee..
So excited to buy nasi lemak, i stepped out from the car and got my foot stuck on the umbrella placed at the side of the seat, and bumm!!, fell out from the car, with one man on his motorcycle just in front of me. What a scene.. For that, i had my knee bruising red, and it is still painful until today..

Order left out, then personally delivered
Got a call from the bakery store, that my order package was accidentally left out when their delivery service person picked up the deliveries. They asked if they can send it on thursday but i told them there's a specific reason why it has to be on wednesday. Thankfully, the bakery owner decided to send the package directly to my office. Thank you very much again..

1 sick child, 1 busy father,  
My son, who was down with asthma since monday night, had fever and breathing problem again by 7pm yesterday. Hubby was still in office, in discussion, with his big boss and would be coming home late.

..another 1 very determined daughter, and 1 stressful -but-too-tired-to-argue mother
We arrived at clinic by 10pm for nebulliser. Daughter, mazwin, decided she wants to play at the playground outside the clinic. It was already close to 11pm, mind you, and drizzling. She got what she wanted.. Me, in the car, breastfeeding the baby, could just sigh, sigh sigh sigh...*stress mode*

Nebuliser done, muiz already in the car, but mazwin refused to stop playing. 11 pm. Told hubby, we just had to pick her up. So, this little girl in the car, cried all through out the travel back home, that's almost 15 minutes.

Sleeping time..
In the house, i straight away, gave mazwin a shower. Thankfully, baby was rather calm in the living room. Muiz had his medicine, with Hubby's help. Then, up in the bedroom, it was miza's turn for nappy change, she pooed, which means, a short trip to the bathroom sink for some fresh cleaning on her bum bum.. When, all the cleaning done, mazwin asked for tv, which i obliged knowing she'd be sleeping soon.

It was 12am, everyone was asleep, girls upstairs, the boys downstairs.

Well.. not for me, yet
Me, back to downstairs to check on the laundry and prep for tomorrow. Gave some tasks a pass, was too tired to continue.

1am, zzzzed.

Thankfully, this happens while i'm still on maternity leave.